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Tag: The Open

Confessions From an Owner, Part 2

For so many in the CrossFit world, The Open an exciting time. Showcases! Castro’s Clues! Leaderboards! The anticipation of each workout is like the night before Christmas!
For an owner, it can be less so.

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Beyond (perceived) limits

By Eric Bookman I just started CrossFit a few months ago, why would I even consider the Open?  I’m not striving to be a “super athlete”. These were my initial reactions to participating in the Open.  Ultimately, I succumbed to peer pressure as everyone in the box continued to tell me how great it was and how I should…

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Competition Against Myself

The Open – 1.0 By Chip Hankinson There was nothing gentle about my first time – it hurt; it broke me. My lungs burned and my legs ached, my chest was bruised and my hands were shredded. I tried to sign my name to the scorecard after 19.5 and couldn’t hold the pen, let alone make something resembling a…

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I Didn’t Want To

By Todd Stanley I didn’t want to do it. I was determined not to let anyone talk me into competing in the CrossFit Open. I can remember the year before, there were all sorts of announcements of what was to come and people who were participating were always talking about it. I didn’t sound like fun to me. My…

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Five tips for better grocery shopping

By Kayleigh Caito The 2018 Crossfit Open is over. Congrats! You made it! It was a rough 5 weeks of workouts. How did you do? Better than you expected? Not so well because of difficult movements thanks to Dave Castro? Either way, now it’s time to start preparing for next year. This week we are focusing on the basics,…

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