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12 Week Challenge

Lose inches! Get healthier! Enjoy your summer! As folks around the state celebrate the arrival of spring, it’s time to enjoy moving. We invite you to join our 12 Week Challenge! With several class options and times a day, we can find something that works for you and your schedule. Our 12 Week Challenge is only $75 a month…

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Competition Against Myself

The Open – 1.0 By Chip Hankinson There was nothing gentle about my first time – it hurt; it broke me. My lungs burned and my legs ached, my chest was bruised and my hands were shredded. I tried to sign my name to the scorecard after 19.5 and couldn’t hold the pen, let alone make something resembling a…

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Four reasons to stick with CrossFit when you’re not feeling it

By Krista Janeczko One of my favorite things about being a CrossFit coach is having the opportunity to work with new athletes. I love their hesitation and seeing the nervousness so clearly etched into every line on their face. It makes me smile so hard when they say, “I can’t do that” but then 10 minutes later they DO…

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Hero WODs: What and Why?

By Bekah Dilworth If you are semi-familiar with CrossFit, you’ve probably heard people name-dropping Hero WODs like DT, Nutts and Hidago. Arguably the most famous of these WODs, originally titled Body Armor, is now known as Murph (For more info, click here). So why do WE do Hero WODs? For me personally, it’s a unique way to remember and…

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