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Tag: athlete perspective

Beyond (perceived) limits

By Eric Bookman I just started CrossFit a few months ago, why would I even consider the Open?  I’m not striving to be a “super athlete”. These were my initial reactions to participating in the Open.  Ultimately, I succumbed to peer pressure as everyone in the box continued to tell me how great it was and how I should…

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Competition Against Myself

The Open – 1.0 By Chip Hankinson There was nothing gentle about my first time – it hurt; it broke me. My lungs burned and my legs ached, my chest was bruised and my hands were shredded. I tried to sign my name to the scorecard after 19.5 and couldn’t hold the pen, let alone make something resembling a…

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I Didn’t Want To

By Todd Stanley I didn’t want to do it. I was determined not to let anyone talk me into competing in the CrossFit Open. I can remember the year before, there were all sorts of announcements of what was to come and people who were participating were always talking about it. I didn’t sound like fun to me. My…

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