You’ve probably heard the saying “no time like the present”. In regards to our health, we completely agree! No need to wait for the New Year to build some healthy momentum! Join us (click here) on Monday and Thursdays at 630p, starting Oct 4, 2021 for 6 weeks, so you’ll be done before the holiday season hits.

This class is designed for those who have never exercised regularly or have taken significant time off (say, during a global pandemic or longer). Any age, from 18-88 is welcome!

So what are you gonna do? First, you’ll be a safe space. Just you, the coach, and the other participants. No other gym goers watching the class through the glass wall. You see a movement demonstrated, and you’ll get a chance to practice it yourself. Every movement can be adjusted harder or softer to make it just right for you. No judgement or criticism for not being able to do something first time. We’ve all been a beginner at some point and your coach will remember what its like.

The days will pass, as will that uncomfortable feeling. You’ll look forward to going because its one place you can just be YOU. Not a parent, not a spouse, not an employee, not a caretaker. You’ll get a chance to play some favorite music, to break a sweat, to laugh. You’ll surprise yourself; with your strength, your determination, with your accomplishments. One of our perks you’ll receive is a free Injury Assessment, so we can get a heads up on some potential problem areas for you. That way we can work around them and prevent future issues.

You will also learn more about nutrition. And no, we aren’t gonna give you a list of food to avoid forever. We’ll talk about your desires, your personal likes / dislikes, and take your schedule and lifestyle into account. You’ll even get a chance to try a meal delivery service from one of our Partners!

As we move through the weeks, you’ll notice yourself walking taller outside of class. You’ll be inspired to stay consistent, because you know you feel better. You’ll eye something and wonder “can I deadlift that?” or see a tree branch and contemplate attempting a pullup. You will have had an outlet for some of your stress to go and its not hanging around your neck quite as much. You will have more to give in your relationships. Our main goal is that your time in the gym will improve your life outside the gym, and you’ll be living proof of that.

Our community is full of regular people who took a chance. They all started where you are starting now and they are better for it. Take that first step!