January 2021 is half over.

Wait what? Come again?! Yup, you read that correctly! We are two and a half weeks into the new year and two and a half weeks into our new habits. 
Take a moment and reflect on our time. How have you been tackling your habits? How successful have you been? How … not quite successful … have you been? And be honest! 

Goal setting and creating lasting healthy habits are not only an art but a science. It takes more than simply wanting to change to be successful, and more often than not, we set out after a goal but don’t have the proper steps to get us there! So, let’s try this again. Think about the habit or goal you are trying to tackle. How much progress have you made? 

Creating healthy habits and achieving goals were more or less foreign languages to me before I read James Clear’s Atomic Habits. Prior to that, I was beyond lost as to how to tackle my goals and create habits that stuck. And don’t get me wrong, I still struggle! 

Are you struggling to get your habits to stick? Trouble navigating your goals? Let’s try something. Identify your goal or habit. For example, I want to prep my food. Great! Now, where do I start… 

Start with three steps to tackling your goal… three mini-goals if you will!
Step One: Write out/track my meals for the week.
Step Two: Schedule a time to cook (one day or multiple days!)
Step Three: Take time, the night before, to organize your meals for the next day. 

See what we did? We created a clear and detailed plan to tackle the main goal of prepping our food for the week. 

About Habits

Habits can be a bit trickier to nail down. For example, you want to adopt the habit of a morning routine, but right now you’re waking up and tearing out of the house without a second thought. So, instead of going from zero to a full morning routine, focus on stacking your habits instead. Start small, or start at the beginning.

If your goal is to establish a morning routine, you’ll need to wake up earlier, and perhaps, go to bed earlier. So! We start there… step one, go to bed earlier. Once you have this habit of going to bed earlier down, you can tackle your next step. This is something called habit stacking, and in “Atomic Habits” Clear details this out beautifully! 10/10 would recommend.

We still have a couple more weeks to really dive into our habits and goals. Did these tips help? Did they reignite your drive? Still, stuck? Still, need guidance? Check out, James Clear’s book, “Atomic Habits” or reach out! I’d love to talk about habits and goals!