In case you didn’t know, its New Years Eve! We know that this is a often a time of making HUGE goals and setting unrealistic expectations. No sugar, no cheese, no booze, workout every day, count your macros, paleo foods only, be perfect, do better. How many times have you done one of those challenges to start off the year? How many times have you been perfect at following the “rules,” only to go back to old habits sometime in February?


The biggest reason we fail to build healthy habits that last is because the “rules” of a challenge aren’t sustainable. You aren’t training habits in the same way you would train to PR a lift or a benchmark. We’ve seen some great success with building strength gradually, over time. This year, we TRAIN HABIT the right way.


Starting January 4th, we will be running the  #HABITBETTER challenge, in partnership with NCFIT. Join us for a full month of habit training that will meet you where you are in your health journey, and provide the right amount of challenge and accountability for you to create real and sustainable change.

This challenge is open to anyone who would like to see some steady change. Membership to our Gym is not required, nor is living in Ohio. We know that working in community with others can be very motivational, so feel free to recruit your team of support. Your family and friends from around the country are welcome to join in the journey!

We will focus on habits meant to improve SLEEP, NUTRITION, and MINDSET. Just like we encourage you guys to set individual YEGs in the gym, it’ll be up to you, which of the three you want to focus on for this challenge. Focus on just one, stack a couple, or go all in and tackle all three. The decision is yours but the INTENTION is the same. We want to build habits that will stick beyond just January.


Pick up your #HABITBETTER tracking guide (download is below) and commit to an area of focus. Track your progress, share on Instagram with the hashtag #HABITBETTER and tag @violetcommunityfitness for your chance to win prizes!

Not sure where to start? We’d recommend choosing something like:

  • Increasing water consumption closer to 1/2 your body weight in ounces, or
  • committing to 1 veggie serving each meal, or
  • sleeping 6-9 hours a night

Looking forward to #HABITBETTER… together!