It’s that time again for our annual food drive! We share a street with the Pickerington Food Pantry, and this month we are helping our neighbor. In true VCCF fashion, this food drive is also a friendly competition. Kids and Teens classes verses the adult classes! Who can bring the most pounds of canned food, for a chance to do less burpees come February 29th. Put your food where your mouth is!!!

We are local and believe in supporting local businesses. We will be collecting canned goods, now through 9:00 am, Saturday February 29th. See here for gym times open for collection. If you are not a member, but know someone who is??? You can choose a team to be credited with your pounds donated.

The most needed items at this time are canned soups, stews, chilis and pasta. They are also in need of personal hygiene products. For the most up to date info and needs, please click here.