We know that physical movement is great for people of all ages, especially teenagers. Studies show that participation in athletics is a great stress reliever, helps build confidence, improves several physical health markers (source), creates habits that will serve them over their lifetimes, and is just plain fun (source).

One of our personal FAVORITE skills that we see develop over the time one spends in the gym is resiliency. No matter what a child wants to be when they grow up, having the ability to overcome a challenge or adapt to a changing situation or merely bounce back from a setback or two will serve them well (source). Generally speaking, our current generation of kids has a less demanding life than that of previous generations. But those skills of dealing with personal doubt, or overcoming frustration, or simply how to handle being pushed out of one’s comfort zone are critical to them being a productive and self sufficient adult. Where can we practice those skills, in a safe and supportive environment? Through sports and athletics!

So with all the benefits of sport and athletics, why are so many NOT participating? Numbers and stats vary but according to a national survey by the Aspen Institute (source) the average child quits playing sports by age 11, spending less than 3 years overall playing. There are lots of reasons for that, but the number one is the kids stop having fun. And that doesn’t get better with age. According to the Women’s Sports Foundation (source), 40% of girls do not participate in any sport as a teenager.

If you, or your child, has not been interested in “traditional” sports, or has already tried and now retired, we have an invitation for you. Come try StrongTeens! It’s an entirely different sport than anything your child would have done before but it’s great fun. It will have a small learning curve of rules and etiquette (like any sport) but all the same benefits apply. 

We are having an Open House for you and your family to come learn a bit more. On Tuesday February 11, at 630p you will hear about the sport of Strongman, have an opportunity to see and play with some of the implements that are used (adults and kids can participate), and get all your questions answered. One reason we are excited about this event is that this is the first year for StrongTeens having an event at the Arnold Sports Festival 2020, located right here in Columbus. So we wanted local kids to get a chance to get in on the ground floor of a brand new event. If your kid wants to learn more, we will connect you with some quality coaches who compete themselves and just want to share their love for their chosen sport.

So grab the kids from soccer practice, bring the baseball team, tell the football players, and come join us for an evening of some great learning and exposure.No previous experience in any other sport is needed. Click here to sign the waiver, no cost to attend.