All gyms are NOT created equal. Differences in space and equipment aside, they have different personalities and goals. We wanted to give you a chance to find out a little bit about us. Violet Community has 3 core values through which we filter all our activity. See Values One and Two.

We encourage you to raise your bar, and we’ll support you along the way. We’ve laid out some options for HOW that improvement takes place (Value 1). We’ve talked about how our physical health integrates with the rest of our life and why play has so much value (Value 2). 

The last important question is: WHY?. Why do we care how our mental state affects our food choices? Why do we believe everyone can improve a little bit every week? Why do we want to help you find what brings you joy? Well, because your life matters! We all have incredible worth. You are important to someone. Your friends, your siblings, your parents, your cousins, your spouse, your children … you have someone that thinks you’re special and loves you. And we think that is worth fighting for.

Everyone’s life looks different. We can all have different reasons for getting up each morning. Your goals, what you find enjoyable or motivating, your bucket list can be entirely different from the person next to you.

If we have successfully met the previous VCCF values, we create a community to be proud of. We look around the gym and see those who are motivated, hard working, dedicated, joyful, passionate, driven, successful. We believe when you surround yourself with these people, you can’t help but to learn from, be inspired by, and absorb some of those characteristics yourself.

Another quote puts it this way “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”. We strive to be positive influences in your life. We will demonstrate these values daily and help you make connections with others who are doing the same thing. One of my absolute favorite things is seeing the bonds that start to develop. Pickerington is a place with deep roots and that is revealed nearly every day. A new face comes in and knows someone else from school, the dentist, a previous job, the neighborhood.

One thing to note! Here at Violet Community, connections are made across all lines. Despite differences such as age or gender or athletic experience or industry or musical preference or athletic success or background or individual goals…our people form bonds. We have all types here and that’s exactly how we like it! With these values, we are a COMMUNITY.

Our community will hold you accountable, celebrate your success, mourn in times of loss and support you in your goals. And we see that reflected every day! With nearly any gym project that comes up, folks lend a hand. Whether it’s putting up the 10 aspects of fitness on the wall, painting murals, rewiring the bathroom, busting down walls, building a rig, reorganizing the kids room, our members are ready to help. Our VCCF people babysit each others’ kids, swap puzzles, go out for trivia night, play poker, run races, take the dogs for a walk together and share lots of meals. 

And we are always looking for more! Our community is certainly unique. We have our own lingo, inside jokes and stories to share. But there is always room for your stories and experiences! We aren’t a closed off circle where you have to do the perfect thing to get in. We do our best to function as a horseshoe, leaving space for other people to join. We want to help YOU Raise The Bar, Because Life Matters.