Helping others. It’s a vital part of the human experience and one that we are blessed to participate in, at least a few times a year.

This holiday season, we are looking to make a difference in a number of ways. We are collecting new and gently used, athletic shoes. Think sneakers, tennis shoes, trainers, walking shoes, running shoes. Any size is welcome, so check on your children’s shoes! No flats, cleats, boots, skates, or dress shoes please.

100% of the shoes we gather are shipped to developing countries (27 different ones at last count). They are repurposed and resold by micro-entrepreneurs. We are a small business ourselves and are delighted at the opportunity to support those who need a hand up. Your donation helps provide a path for them to make a better life for their families and future generations.

These micro-entrepreneurs create commerce and the shoes are bought by those who need transportation in order to work and live. In most developing countries, walking is the primary method of getting around. Whether it’s visiting family, looking for work or going to school, good shoes are a necessity to their livelihood.

We also observe benefits a little closer to home. By donating shoes we have outgrown or simply don’t wear anymore, we are keeping shoes out of landfills. We also get to clear our houses of some clutter, just in time for the gift giving season.

Please help us spread the word! We just want your unused shoes, as long as they have a lot of life left in them. Cash and other monetary donations are not accepted. Shoes are accepted during the Pickerington Holiday Gathering (Friday Dec 6, 2019 from 5p-8p) or during any regularly scheduled class (click here for the schedule).

As a “thank you” for participating, any individual who brings in 5 or more pairs of shoes will receive a punch card to attend select CrossFit classes. If you’ve ever wanted to try CrossFit, or wondered what all the hype was about, this is a fabulous opportunity. Scour your house and neighborhood for shoes and come give the VCCF community a try!